Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to pose little ones

Trying to take a photo of your little one and finding they will not keep still. Here are some tips to get them looking toward the camera

1) Say "Oh my...did you just see that little fairy jump out of the camera" Make sure you point towards the camera- they might not know where to look to see the fairy. Also keep in mind they will want results so I keep little $2 fairy wands spare to give them at the end of the photo shoot and say "The fairy left this behind for you as a special present for taking such nice pictures today"

2) Get Mum of Dad to do a silly dance right next to the camera lens. This works a treat most of the time. Just make sure they realise to keep their hands moving close to the camera lens as possible. This will make the image appear as if the child (who is 99% of the time laughing at daddy's dancing style )  is looking at the lens.

3) The photographer can wear a funny hat/headband with brightly coloured animal on top, or place a toy on their head. I reserve this for studio shoots, and always offer the parents to wear the funny hat first.

4) If all else fails or it's a big group of kids offer chocolate. I however hand it to the parents to give their children as they know how much sugar their kids can have. Always ask the parents if thier kids have allergies first and keep strawberries and fruit on reserve.