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Kate Branch in Mosman Daily and telegraph online

Today I was published in the Mosman daily and the telegraph online. Thank you to Mosman daily especially as they always promote local people in the community. I always enjoy having a cup of tea and reading the local news myself. Below is the Mosman daily article:

Here is the link to the telegraph online article:

She has been crowned Mrs Australia Globe and in October will fly to China to compete for the world title of Mrs Globe. The pageant is open to women aged over 26 or who are married or have children. Mrs Branch, 32, married with a young daughter, ticks all three boxes. Competitors are judged on personality, national costume, evening wear and swimwear. "I will admit there are a few butterflies in regards to the swimwear, but now is the time to harness all those tips and tricks on posing that I have learnt from being a photographer," Mrs Branc…

How to pose Workshop's

Kate's Workshop: How to pose

I am very excited to announce that I will be teaching workshops assisting people to be more photogenic.

This workshop does not talk about "studio lighting" or "photoshop" Why? Because there are plenty of photographers that can make you look great utilising controlling light and editing photo's.

I am not particularly interested in Glamour photography or fashion photography. I like capturing memories. These particular type of images are usually of you sharing a moment with your husband, child, or friends. These images are the ones you frame proudly around your home, or post on facebook, - and why not look fabulous in those!

My workshop has three components

1) How to pose for a photo: What are the tips and tricks to make you look slimmer, more confidant, and be able to understand posing so you can decide how you want to be perceived in images (confidant, friendly, professional ect)

2) Makeup tweaks (I do not teach make up, I discus…