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My artwork

Thank you Glenferrie Lodge Sydney. My 300 artworks of the Sydney Harbour area went up today through out the entire space. Here I am signing 2. Only 298 more works to sign! photos)

How to look good in photos and be more photogenic

Have you ever wondered why celebrities look so good in photos? Australian Photographer Kate Branch (BA, MA) explains how at a Cool Denim Jeans shoot. The camera is every where in this day and age. From smart phones, to professional camera's- there is always someone taking a picture. From the dating game, to the boardroom, to your family holidays. Images are captured and there are tricks to make you look your best!

Thank you "Vanke Life." This wonderful Chinese Lifestyle magazine wrote an amazing article on my photography. It is the second article which talks about my workshops and soon to be book "Photogenic secrets." Thank you gail for writing a great article. I cannot wait for the magazine to reach my door step in Australia.

Sydney dust storm

Sydney Harbour bridge and luna park photographed in a rare dust storm In  2013. Taken with my Canon 5D.