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An amazing thing happened to me last week. Okay some would not say being on beautiful Island in the Maldives only to have your professional camera brake mid landscape shoot is not “amazing.” But I learned something.

Three years ago I was lucky enough to be on that same Island. Last time other photographers had SLR's, impressive waterproof cases, and tripods. But this time every one was a photographer- capturing the landscape with their phones then sharing the images instantly on their facebook, google+, twitter, wechat, or Weibo.
People want to “share,” their images instead of creating the highest quality image. That means more photos of everything but less quality. I remember people “buying” a camera for their big overseas trip. Special locations meant a special investment in new camera gear. But people are sacrificing quality for the ease of what I call "shoot and share."
I must admit I enjoyed the ease it took just having a camera phone in my pocket, ready to capture…

Vivid Sydney

Crazy art installations, lights, music, and a couple dressed in a "glowing" suit. Just another night @ the Vivid festival in Sydney.