Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to look younger in photos

For all you lovely ladies out there here are my top tips for looking 5 years younger in your photos. Check it out here or read below. 
How to look younger in photos

How to look younger in photos

As a professional photographer for over 14 years, I have many clients who don’t like to have their snaps taken for fear of pesky lines and wrinkles showing.
And it doesn’t just stop outside the studio. I am sure they have this worry when they are capturing memories with their family and friends. I find people immediately search for a backdrop when they are about to have a picture of them taken. This is a mistake! To give the illusion of a mini-face lift, they need to be hunting for the best, natural light. A backdrop can be cropped out, yet unflattering shadows under eyes are hard to remove without PhotoShop.
My book How To Look Good In Photos gives some great tips and tricks. Let me share some with you now.

katebranch (11)Why Light Is Important

  • It can make you appear five years younger, instantly
  • It reduces blemishes and smoothes skin
  • Natural even light is your new best, youthful friend

How to Find Your Inner Light

When you have photos taken that are not in a natural light setting, the final photo results can be stressful and reduce confidence as you now believe you look older than you expected. This is a slippery slope as you’ll then avoid any photo opportunities, and miss out capturing exciting life moments on camera.
When the light is not even on your face, this creates dark shadows and accentuates any wrinkles. The more obvious these wrinkles, the less despondent you start to feel. Additionally, fluorescent lights are a sure way to magnify every blemish to the hilt and you’ll look 10 years older, so try avoid these.
The magic of even light is that it illuminates the skin, so all the flaws vanish as wrinkles and blemishes are not as obvious as the shadows they create.

katebranch (9)Retouching Tips & Tricks

From educating clients about natural light, some of my customers make a definite point in restaurants to always sit directly towards the window, so their faces are filled with an even glow. This is obviously a great way to become more self assured and confident, which gives a booster when they’re in front of the camera.
Using built-in filters on cameras or smartphone apps are also a great way to hide blemishes and food stains. The important rule of thumb is that people will not flinch if you look 10 percent better in a photo, yet if you retouch vastly, then people will notice and become suspicious. Retouching is like red wine: A little is good for you yet too much… and you’ll look like a fool and appear alien! Some of the best filters I suggest are: black & white, vintage, retro, sunny and rise.
Remember, our unique structure shouldn’t be tampered with so please don’t trim your hips down or give yourself a smaller nose. You’ll look like a stranger and ruin the photo experience.
Embrace the light as it’s naturally good for you and it’ll shave a few years off your appearance.