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Time is precious. How many weekends away have seen you hang out at the airport or in a rental car longer than your time at the hotel pool or buffet?
I want to discuss the very important recharging #staycation. If you are seeking to go away for the weekend, you need to hone in on your destination and your desires. Do you want a cultural jolt of theatre or art? Or, do you want to rest and relax as soon as possible?
If you find a hotel for your weekend getaway or #staycation, make sure it has a good reputation on Trip advisor, or Google. There was a new hotel in Sydney getting great reviews called “Spicers” in Potts Point. So with my mum and dad babysitting the two little ones, we headed off for our first night away from the kids since our gorgeous two-year-old son was born.
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Arriving at “Spicers” you are greeted with a beautifully restored large Victorian building. Every finish has been thought through, and the style combines old heritage charm with modern sleek style.
As you walk down the corridor you are greeted by welcoming staff and led through the breakfast room. A stunning whitewashed room with dramatic contemporary photography makes you want to be silent. In hushed tones, you say “Wow this is awesome.”
kate branch creative

We head to our room I instantly feel sophisticated. Our deluxe terrace suite overlooks Potts point. We are transported from our usual suburban life into one of inner city chic.  However, the old Kings Kross I knew had thumping music and kebab shops. Now the same spaces have been replaced with contemporary Danish furniture stores and juice bars.
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My husband and I do not have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to eating out. This is mainly due to the fact that most restaurants we frequent, need to accept iPads streaming youtube for the kids. Ah, the sweet sounds of videos explaining how to make slime, while you dine.
We ask a colleague without kids where to eat and are told to go to a new Greek restaurant in Potts Point. We arrive and it’s completely full. On a Sunday night! We forget those places need reservations, unlike our local Thai. So we head to the Potts point local Thai in defeat.
travelloversaustralia - 3After dinner, we return to our room to be welcomed by a beautiful cozy warm bed with soft pillows. This is the stuff hotel dreams are made off. A good hotel group knows their guests’ sleep is more important than an organic chocolate on the pillow at turndown. Or fancy monogram slippers. 10 out of 10 for comfort.
travelloversaustralia - 7The next morning breakfast was tasty in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. A fresh coffee is whipped up happily by staff while you can order à la carte, or graze at the buffet. Your choice. We check out and feel refreshed and recharged. A great #staycation.
Thanks, spices.
Kate Branch 

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