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Mosman Project

I have had the pleasure of working with the interior designer Tess Regan. Her work is beautiful and elegant and she is the head designer for the new five star hotel "The Albert, Mosman." My artwork will be hanging alongside her interiors.

I have spent months researching the history of this beautiful area and seeing some amazing images captured in the late 1800s.

Then I have gone out many saturday mornings at 6am. Waiting for the sun to rise. Why? Because in the 1800s it was not very populated. There is a stillness that does not exist anymore. The days are filled with people. But if you head out to some of these parts early: it is still silent. I stand there imagining that someone else in the 1800s was also taken aback by the beauty. And may people always be, forever more.


Kate Xx

Social Media Management

Instagram is now hiding the number of likes you receive. What a wonderful move for social media managers and content creators focused on engagement with your community.

Instagram is about sharing your story and how you give value to your community. Not about how popular you are. That is all smoke and mirrors. I approach my clients Instagram's like I approach my own.

Tell your story and there will be a community out there that will resonate with you. And most of all ENGAGE back. When people like your content go and check out who they are. What’s their story. Start the relationship.

Kate Branch Xx

Good morning Sydney

What a way to start the day...

Why I am a photographer

No matter what your life experience, photographs are all that are left. Accolades, youth, travel, the beauty of your baby – it all slips through what we call time. And I’ve learned that as you get older your memory starts to become a little unreliable. But a photograph can remind you, add a smile to your face, and take you back to that moment – even if just for a second. That is why I am a photographer.


This article appeared in Female First magazine in the UK:  HOW TO LOOK GOOD IN PHOTO'S by Lucy Moore When I tell people about my book, How to Look Good in Photos, the first reaction I hear is “I really want to know how to look good in photos, I’m going to read your book!” This is really exciting as it almost feels like I had to write my book to help body and face conscious people. Until now, people just assumed that posing was purely for celebrities and the rest of us just had to grin and bear it. But in a world where social media demands photos, taking a great selfie is as important to self-esteem and first impressions in a job interview. What is your top tip for looking your best in photos? I would have to go with my slim and streamlined pose. This is because most people don’t like their arms in a photo as they feel nervous so slap them at the sides of the body and this makes arms look twice the width. Also I’m a big believer in being proud of the body we have, whether you’re ta…