Sunday, December 29, 2013

Powerhouse museum, Sydney

The Powerhouse is based In the inner city suburb of Pyrmont, the Powerhouse museum houses space relics, the oldest working steam engine and other historic and inspiring objects. A must see in Sydney #sydney #emeraldcity #ilovesydney 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Royal national park, Sydney

The Royal national park in Sydney had beautiful beaches. Start with a coffee by the river, feed the ducks then cruise down to the naturally beautiful beaches for a dip. #sydney #Australia

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cremorne point captured: The Navy Fleet Review

Recently Sydney had the Navy Fleet Review sail into Sydney harbour. From Cremorne Point you could see the spectacular display. I had to capture it. Enjoy

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Coogee beach sydney

What a beautiful place to spend a Monday. Captured with my iPhone on Instagram at Coogee beach in Sydney 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rocks markets sydney

Best place to be on Sunday is rocks markets sydney. There are gret characters and it's right next to sydney harbour. Here are my instagram pics. How cute is that puppy!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Balmoral Beach

I love Balmoral Beach in Sydney. The water is calm and on weekdays you have so much space. Beats Bondi.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Capturing the beauty in you

I have been very busy photographing portraits around Sydney. I love portraits and I recently broke down why I love them. I simply love capturing the beauty. I remember at Art College a contemporary once said "Kate I want to photograph you. But it must be in a beautiful room. Because you always seek beauty. In people, in landscapes, in design." And they were right. So I have launched my new ad campaign based on this notion. It's is very honest and true- and very me. Its what Kate Branch Photography is about Enjoy. X.

Monday, November 11, 2013

A honour to be on the cover of OBQ weekly

I am very excited to be on the cover of OBQ weekly. Here is a photograph of me holding the cover. Many amazing Australians have been on the cover and I am absolutely thrilled to be as well. Thank you OBQ weekly and Southern China Airlines. 

Kate Branch on the cover of OBQ

Kate Branch on the cover of OBQ

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Photoshoot promoting shopping: Not a hard task

alt=”kate branch”

Last week I was photographed for my local paper the Mosman Daily. It was promoting shopping locally in the area of Neutral Bay. Personally it is not a hard sell to shop and eat locally. I have always promoted the local community because it is very imporant.

You can sit on blogger and twitter all day long- but you cannot have a coffe with your social media. As much as online is imporantant- we must not forget to get amoungst our local communities. Thats why Google+ is a great new tool. It supports local communities and buisnesses. I have my photography buisness advertised on Google+ and it allows me to see other small buisness around my area. Social media should enhance your engagment. Ideally your first port for a social life should be your community. And whats not to like. Shopping, eating out. Yes please.

You can read the article here.

Cammeray's Kate Branch, 32, has been crowned Mrs Australia Globe. The local shopper loves Neutral Bay's casual, family-fri
Cammeray's Kate Branch, 32, has been crowned Mrs Australia Globe. The local shopper loves Neutral Bay's casual, family-friendly yet sophisticated vibe. Photo: Dave Swift
SHE cut a dazzling figure on the catwalk at the recent Mrs Globe 2013 finals in China but Cammeray resident Kate Branch loves nothing more than trawling the streets of Neutral Bay.
The mother of two-year-old Sophia was crowned Mrs Australia Globe in July - a beauty pageant open to women aged over 26 or who are married or are parents.
While she didn't win the international event, she did take home a Spirit of Win award for her artistic photographs of ballet dancers at Balmoral Beach.
"It was a great experience, I learnt Mandarin and enjoyed the hospitality of some lovely Chinese people," Mrs Branch said.
As part of The Mosman Daily's month-long Shop Small campaign, which will profile a different business precinct each week, Mrs Branch is sharing her top tips for eating, drinking and shopping in Neutral Bay.
Kate Branch enjoying a glass of white wine at one of her favourite Neutral Bay eateries, Blue Plate Bar and American Grill. Phot
Kate Branch enjoying a glass of white wine at one of her favourite Neutral Bay eateries, Blue Plate Bar and American Grill. Photo: Dave Swift
She says she is a lower north shore girl at heart.
Mrs Branch was born in Milsons Point and has lived in Neutral Bay, Mosman and now Cammeray, close to where her husband Jean-Claude Branch runs the Cremorne Point Manor.
"Neutral Bay is accessible," she said.
"You can have any experience you want - an easy lunch or fancy dinner without having to travel far.
"There's options for families and children as well as for singles and young couples wanting to enjoy a fun night out."
For a cheap but authentic Asian meal, Mrs Branch suggests Sam Thai on Military Rd. Her Thai friends have described it as "as good as my mother's cooking".
She said the best Hawaiian burger was served at Ribs & Burgers, the best buffalo wings at Blue Plate Bar and Grill and Chargrill Charlies for lunch salads.
Frank Nicholas, chef and owner of Blue Plate Bar and American Grill in Neutral Bay, makes the best buffalo wings on the North Sh
Frank Nicholas, chef and owner of Blue Plate Bar and American Grill in Neutral Bay, makes the best buffalo wings on the North Shore according to Kate Branch. Photo: Dave Swift
And for contemporary used clothing, Recycled Rags on Military Rd sells ladies fashion and accessories.
Cammeray's Kate Branch shopping in Neutral Bay. Photo: Dave Swift
Cammeray's Kate Branch shopping in Neutral Bay. Photo: Dave Swift
*White Hart - for a romantic date night/ cocktails with friends
* Shore Dental - best dental clean (waiting time 6 months)
* Sam Thai - best budget meal
* Recycled Rags - for contemporary clothing
* Ribs & Burgers - best Hawaiian burgers
 New research found more than two-thirds of shop owners feel forgotten by their local communities and one in four feel no connection to the community where they operate
 NewsLocal joins a nationwide Shop Small campaign to reconnect the community with small businesses and breathe life into the local economy throughout November
 Founded by American Express, the Shop Small campaign has been successful in countries such as the US, Canada and the United Kingdom

Friday, November 8, 2013

Best place to swim in Sydney.

This week Sydney is warming up. So I headed down to the most beautiful place in this city to swim. Had to capture this special place. Enjoy X

kate branch at kirribilli

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Botanical gardens sydney

Sydney's botanical gardens are beautiful. Spring is the perfect time to visit and enjoy. I could not resists taking some quick pics with my iPhone. 
Kate x 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kate Branch on the cover of OBQ

I am very excited to announce that I am the current cover model for OBQ magazine. China Southern Airlines has a inflight magazine. And I am on the cover. I am very excited and would like to thank OBQ for this opportunity.

Kate Branch on the cover of OBQ weekly
Kate Branch on cover of OBQ

Kate Branch on the cover of OBQ weekly
Kate Branch on cover of OBQ

Kate Branch on the cover of OBQ weekly
Kate Branch on cover of OBQ

Kate Branch on the cover of OBQ weekly
Kate Branch on cover of OBQ

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to pose- My workshop

I love teaching my workshop How to pose. If you are wondering what it is all about keep reading. 

Having your picture taken can be daunting. All your little insecurities come out to play. We may be insecure about our stomach so we stand behind people with our arms crossed in every picture. We may be insecure about or teeth so we never open our mouth and always look a little grim.
The most popular posing mistakes I have experienced when photographing clients are:

  • Covering their mouth with their hand as they are ashamed of bad teeth
  • Crossing their hands in front of their body as they are unhappy with their stomach
  • Throwing their hands in front of their face and saying “no photos, please”
  • Making a funny face like sticking their tongue out as they are anxious and react this way

The only problem is that if we cover up our insecurities incorrectly, we will never have a nice picture of ourselves. It’s okay to have insecurities. We all have them. But if we tackle them correctly we can also enjoy nice pictures of ourselves. Posing can be like an amazing concealer, it can cover all the unwanted lumps and bumps if we know how.
I have taught these tips in workshops. I have had clients ranged from 18-80. I have had women recovering from breast cancer, women starting businesses, people wanting to date, and couples getting married. And there is one truth in all of it. The media industry is making everyone feel bad. Pretty teenagers, mothers, attractive business men, and fiercely independent females.

The most proudest career moments is when someone says to me “That is the best photograph of me ever taken..” Or when a student walks out of my class saying “  wish I had done this earlier. That was great.” 
I believe the relationship you have with the camera can improve. I hope attending this workshop allows you to shine in your pictures-you deserve it. 

Kate X 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to pose: for men

The Sydney Morning Herald just published an article on Posing for men. I am teaching more and more men how to look good in photographs. They are just as camera shy as us ladies and deserve to look good in photographs too.

 Here are the top three tips they suggest:

 1. No drinks in your hand Some clever person once said to never have your photos taken with a drinking glass in hand. We agree, it's not a good look and can often make you look more awkward than awesome. The drink just hangs around like an additional appendage. This rule includes beer, wine and champagne. One drink which is acceptable is a Pina Colada, but only if you're on a windsurfer.

 2. Know which buttons should be done up Whether you're wearing a shirt or a blazer (or both) you had best get your house in order and learn which buttons should be done up. Firstly if you're wearing a tie, then your shirt's top button should always be done up. None of this loose tie crap. It's just lazy. If you're wearing a blazer then remember (if you do it up), to make sure it's the top button only. Same goes for double-breasted suits. If you're wearing pants (and we hope you are) check that your fly is done up, too. Sounds obvious, we know, and yet ...

 3. Perfect your smile There's nothing wrong with perfecting your smile and banishing your inner spud-head. Pay attention to all the crappy photos of yourself and learn what not to do. Over-smiling, going cross-eyed, excessive blinking and or thinking about pudding whist getting that glazed look in your eyes should be avoided. Once you get it right, its yours for life. Read more at Check it out

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kate Branch's Blog

Dear Friends, as I am heading into spring and summer my posts may dwindle due to workload.
Love this time of year as its photoshoot after photography workshop. X

<img src="kate-branch.jpg" alt="kate branch" />
Kate Branch 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kate Branch in Mosman Daily and telegraph online

Today I was published in the Mosman daily and the telegraph online. Thank you to Mosman daily especially as they always promote local people in the community. I always enjoy having a cup of tea and reading the local news myself. Below is the Mosman daily article:

Kate branch Mrs Australia
Kate Branch 

Here is the link to the telegraph online article:

Kate Branch Mrs Australia

Kate Branch 
Kate Branch of Cammeray has been crowned Mrs Australia Globe. Picture: Melissa Fiene

BEING married and a mum doesn't rule you out of beauty pageants, as Kate Branch of Cammeray has discovered.
She has been crowned Mrs Australia Globe and in October will fly to China to compete for the world title of Mrs Globe.
The pageant is open to women aged over 26 or who are married or have children. Mrs Branch, 32, married with a young daughter, ticks all three boxes.
Competitors are judged on personality, national costume, evening wear and swimwear.
"I will admit there are a few butterflies in regards to the swimwear, but now is the time to harness all those tips and tricks on posing that I have learnt from being a photographer," Mrs Branch said.
"And who doesn't want to know how to stand when you wear a bikini at 32 years of age in front of an international audience!"
Mrs Branch said she decided to enter after photographing a former Miss Australia World.
However, she said she wasn't focused on winning the world crown.
"I think anyone who enters a competition solely to win does rob themselves of an amazing experience," she said. "I am very excited about visiting China and meeting many women from all around the globe."

alt=”kate branch”
Kate Branch 

Kate Branch 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to pose Workshop's

Kate's Workshop: How to pose

    I am very excited to announce that I will be teaching workshops assisting people to be more photogenic. 

This coarse does not talk about "studio lighting" or "photoshop" Why? Because there are plenty of photographers that can make you look great utilising controlling light and editing photo's.

I am not particularly interested in Glamour photography or fashion photography. I like capturing memories. These particular type of images are usually of you sharing a moment with your husband, child, or friends. These images are the ones you frame proudly around your home, or post on facebook, - and why not look fabulous in those! 

My coarse has three components

1) How to pose for a photo: What are the tips and tricks to make you look slimmer, more confidant, and be able to understand posing so you can decide how you want to be perceived in images (confidant, friendly, professional ect) 

2) Makeup tweaks (I do not teach make up, I discuss which makeup is best for the camera). For example did you know that some foundations cause your face to look very pale when a flash fires. Even if you have a tan. I discuss issues like this to make sure you are looking your best. 

3) Clothing. As a photographer I get asked "does my belly look fat?" and "does this top make my arms huge?". Not only can posing help with all these types of concerns but so can clothes. And I discuss ways to trick the lens and make you feel much more comfortable in front of the camera. 

Kate Xx

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When a photographer wants to be photographed!

As a photographer I am VERY fussy about who I let photograph me. It needs to be someone who understands light and have a passion for their art. 

As I am Mrs Australia Globe 2013 this year, as much as I would like to I cannot take my own photographs! And so I got Melissa Fiene to take them. 

Melissa is inspired by he New York Photographer Ryan Brenizer, and I think her photos are beautiful. Thanks Melissa!