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How to pose- My workshop

I love teaching my workshop How to pose. If you are wondering what it is all about keep reading. 

Having your picture taken can be daunting. All your little insecurities come out to play. We may be insecure about our stomach so we stand behind people with our arms crossed in every picture. We may be insecure about or teeth so we never open our mouth and always look a little grim.
The most popular posing mistakes I have experienced when photographing clients are:

  • Covering their mouth with their hand as they are ashamed of bad teeth
  • Crossing their hands in front of their body as they are unhappy with their stomach
  • Throwing their hands in front of their face and saying “no photos, please”
  • Making a funny face like sticking their tongue out as they are anxious and react this way

The only problem is that if we cover up our insecurities incorrectly, we will never have a nice picture of ourselves. It’s okay to have insecurities. We all have them. But if we tackle them correctly we can also enjoy nice pictures of ourselves. Posing can be like an amazing concealer, it can cover all the unwanted lumps and bumps if we know how.
I have taught these tips in workshops. I have had clients ranged from 18-80. I have had women recovering from breast cancer, women starting businesses, people wanting to date, and couples getting married. And there is one truth in all of it. The media industry is making everyone feel bad. Pretty teenagers, mothers, attractive business men, and fiercely independent females.

The most proudest career moments is when someone says to me “That is the best photograph of me ever taken..” Or when a student walks out of my class saying “  wish I had done this earlier. That was great.” 
I believe the relationship you have with the camera can improve. I hope attending this workshop allows you to shine in your pictures-you deserve it. 

Kate X