Sunday, April 21, 2013


Last week I was invited by Yves Saint Laurent at David Jones in Sydney to experience a facial. I was very excited- as last year I had seen the documentary TheTruth About Looking Young by Plastic surgeon Dr Rozina Ali, and although I use their makeup range daily, I never got around to trying the skin care range featured in this documentary. 

And so off I went ready for a day of pampering. I met with Nina who was formerly a microbiologist and currently worked at Yves Saint Laurent. Due to her background she further explained the impressive workings of the Youth Liberator product range. The glycans seen in younger skin starts to decrease as you get older. Using this knowledge YSL has incorporated a blend of glycans, called Glycanactif into the serum so that it will reactivate the skin cells to its youthful form (with bountiful glycans). The result, is less visible wrinkles and more luminous and plumped skin. It was an impressive facial as not only was she nice, but very informative. 

 And my skin glowed. 

I get no particular brownie points for blogging this-  however I enjoyed the experience so much and as most my readers are interested in photography and portraiture I recommend this product if you want a beautiful photogenic glow. 

I have been won over!