Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Want to wear denim in your photoshoot: Read this!

Many clients want to have their family portraits at the beach all wearing denim. I love this look, but it must be done right. You want to look like a healthy family living the outdoor lifestyle. 

No mummy jeans here- just hip mummy please. 

The most flattering jeans? Ones that even out the figure, which allows a beautiful line to occur. If you a super slim woman, that would be skinny jeans. But for me and most women- jeans that have a slight flare at the bottom balances out the body. 

You also want your jeans to have a great “rise”. Thats the distance between the crotch seam and the top of the waistband.  Jeans that sit really low on the hips are not only for teenagers, but they can also create love handles!  And super hip high-rise jeans “make hips look hippier, tummy pouffier, and butt and thighs fuller than they need to.”

I love Sevensouls dark wash denim. Thats what I personally wear. You can buy them here
I love the fit and their look. With seven souls jeans you dress in a flattering way, while also feeling trendy!

Enjoy you denim X