Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to pose: for men

The Sydney Morning Herald just published an article on Posing for men. I am teaching more and more men how to look good in photographs. They are just as camera shy as us ladies and deserve to look good in photographs too.

 Here are the top three tips they suggest:

 1. No drinks in your hand Some clever person once said to never have your photos taken with a drinking glass in hand. We agree, it's not a good look and can often make you look more awkward than awesome. The drink just hangs around like an additional appendage. This rule includes beer, wine and champagne. One drink which is acceptable is a Pina Colada, but only if you're on a windsurfer.

 2. Know which buttons should be done up Whether you're wearing a shirt or a blazer (or both) you had best get your house in order and learn which buttons should be done up. Firstly if you're wearing a tie, then your shirt's top button should always be done up. None of this loose tie crap. It's just lazy. If you're wearing a blazer then remember (if you do it up), to make sure it's the top button only. Same goes for double-breasted suits. If you're wearing pants (and we hope you are) check that your fly is done up, too. Sounds obvious, we know, and yet ...

 3. Perfect your smile There's nothing wrong with perfecting your smile and banishing your inner spud-head. Pay attention to all the crappy photos of yourself and learn what not to do. Over-smiling, going cross-eyed, excessive blinking and or thinking about pudding whist getting that glazed look in your eyes should be avoided. Once you get it right, its yours for life. Read more at Check it out