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Selfie Esteem

I just recently gave tips to Enjoy reading my tips here, or check out the post below:
Selfie EsteemHoliday season is the time of the year when selfies and group celebration photos hit an all time high. Whether it’s the office party, a friends get-together or a family knees up, everyone wants to capture the cutest, most festive and hysterical pics, to post on every social media site. In a month where everyone needs to look their best, this can also be a worry for some who don’t like their appearance and avoid the camera. This slippery slope of hiding in the sidelines can also accelerate towards a confidence drop and end up being an unhappiest 31 days. I’ve created some tips and tricks for you to quickly master so you are the king or queen of the party ball and will love being in every photo. It’ll boost your selfie esteem, well being and give you an extra positive photo nud…

Destination I do

Getting married. I just gave tips and tricks to "Destination I do" for brides to look their best. Check out the article below or click here

How to Look Good in PhotosWords by Kate Branch
Photos courtesy of Kate Branch Photography

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When I was a child, I would walk past my grandmother’s dressing table and gaze at her wedding photos in awe. She just looked stunning and elegant on her wedding day. As my career as a photographer flourished, I realized that these shots weren’t just about capturing an ecstatic and memorable day, it was based on how my grandmother posed, with confidence.

Everyone deserves to look amazing on this special occasion, that’s a given. For the rest of your life you will look through your wedding album and see you and your partner posing together as a couple, with family and a large group. The best pieces of advice I can give you are based on years of experience and coaching …

Thank you LA daily

I am very proud to announce that the LA daily interviewed me about my photography. I am super proud of this undeniable career highlight.  Check it out here or below. 

Kate Branch, photographer and author of “How to Look Good in Photos: His and Hers Tips and Tricks,” said her wish is for everyone to have at least one good picture of himself. Here is her professional advice for selfies: • Practice: It may not make things perfect, but it does make selfies better. Branch advises people to practice taking selfies and photos with friends in different poses. Professional models know their best sides.  • Lighting: Don’t worry so much about the backdrop and instead concentrate on the light source in order to eliminate shadows. • Angles: The location of the camera matters. Selfies often can be taken at the wrong angle and capture double chins and nostrils. Face the camera at an angle so the chin looks its leanest.  • Capture the true you: If you love hats, then wear them in the photos. The more relax…

How to look good in photos giveaway with

Have you ever wondered why celebrities look so good in photos? From smart phones selfies, to professional cameras at big events- there is always a picture being taken. From the dating game, to the boardroom, and even your holidays. Images are captured so learn professional photographer Kate Branch’s tricks and look your best!
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Zest are giving away a FREE copy of this book to a lucky ZestNow member. Enter by November 15th for your chance to win.

For more from Kate Branch, read her ZestNow article HERE.

Zest blog letting you know how to look good in photos just gave its readers some fantastic tips and tricks to look fabulous and wrinkle free in photos. Check the post out at or read it below Secrets for Women Over 50  - Look Great in Your Photo
Look your best - and wrinkle free - in your photo! As a professional photographer for over 12 years, many of my clients are in the 50+ age range that all have one thing in common: they all worry about wrinkles showing up on photos.

I run a series of workshops, and when I ask attendees to find a great spot for a photo shoot, they immediately gravitate towards a clean backdrop. This is actually an error that’s common for most people. The main objective of having a great photo taken is purely through sourcing the best natural light around.
How Light Changes Photos: Natural light can shave up to 10 years off a face and the more even the light; it will remove blemishes, wrinkles and dark spots. The magic of light is incredible when the final photo results are shown to clients. More y…

My top tips for looking good in photos

I just gave professional photography tips to Christian Connections international blog. Make your online dating profile photo stand out with my tops tips from my book
How to look good in photos

Read the article below or check it out here

As a photographer for twelve years, I’ve had my fair share of taking thousands of photos from people in a multitude of settings. Looking through the lens, I see something unique about their personality and characteristics. Just about the biggest mistakes people make with their dating profile photo is that they don’t show any personality characteristics about themselves. One of the first things I explain in the dating profile chapter of my book How to Look Good in Photos is that your profile photo needs to stand out. It must communicate who you are and your interests in life, to attract the right partner. By posting a really great profile photo, you enhance your unique qualities, which will grab the attention of like minded suitors. You are also essentiall… writes about How to look good in photos

Thank you Living Better for showing your readers my book. You can check out the article here, or read it below.
In today’s world you would have to be a recluse to avoid a camera. Everywhere I go I see someone capturing a moment with a camera phone. Never has it been a more appropriate time to be photogenic. And it is not even an issue of vanity. Below is a list of some of the reasons why people need photographs of themselves:
- Your own website, if you run a small business. - C.V.’s are getting noticed by placing a headshot in the corner. - Dating websites. - Wedding photographs are so expensive people want to look their best. - Every family memory from this decade forward will be recorded by every individual attending that function, whether you have makeup on or not!
We are such a visually-based culture that, more and more, we are leaning on photographs to express, explain, and share our experiences.
Posing is a tool you can utilize anywhere. It’s free and instant. You may not have …

Sydney girl

Playing around with the diana app. I combined a photo I captured of sydney harbour and a self portrait. I used pix~o~matic for the pinstripe frame X

I love to dream

I love to dream, question, be silly and laugh. X

Official book review for How to look good in photos

Thank you to Erasmus and for a wonderful official book review of my book "How to look good in photos." 

You can check it out here or read below: 

I think the title of the book speaks for itself. 

How to Look Good In Photos by Kate Branch gives the reader tips on how to pose for a camera in any occasion - for casual, formal, kiddies (with the attention span of ten minutes), and group photos - to get the result you want. Branch teaches us how to pose for a camera, and what to do with our limbs without flailing like a fish out of water. It also lists various programmes available to touch-up the photographs taken without going overboard, especially with Adobe Photoshop. In addition to all of that, Branch also points out to the reader the quirks that we may not realise we have developed in front of a camera, and how to change it. It’s simple, really!

This is the first time I’m reviewing a non-fiction book. The reason why I read this book at all is that I am camera-…

How to look good in photos

Need to renovate your online dating profile. I just gave professional photographic advise to Australia's biggest online dating agency. Check out my photographic tips and tricks to look better in photos

Tips for taking a good profile picture

You're online, looking for romance. You want to make a good impression and stand out from the crowd. Your profile pics are an essential part of this process. You don't want to miss out on meeting someone great simply because your photos aren't up to scratch...

Remember, you are going to be your own worst critic; no one will ever scrutinize your photo as much as you will. But you can control the direction of how you appear in your profile. As a veteran photographer, here are some easy tips so you can nail that profile pic and watch the Kisses come flooding in!

Face It:

Your main profile photo needs to show your face in the best light! If you have ba…

North Shore Mums

I am very excited to share my most recent blog post that was for I read this blog often to get tips and tricks that all mums need.  The article gives tips and trciks for taking great family photos- especially with little ones! Check it out here, or read the article below: 

As a mother and a portrait photographer, I’ve taken a decade’s worth of photos of children and families. From hosting workshops, I see the common traits that adults and kids generate from being so nervous in front of a camera; they’re disappointed with the shots and it reduces confidence levels.

This led me to author my first book, How To Look Good In Photos. I became fixated on correlating the same pattern of errors people make in posing and positioning and wanted to rectify this. For kids though, it’s not about having your child positioned or posed in a certain style… a completely different set of rules apply. 1. Don’t make children sit stillSince kids have a short attention span, and their exci…

Mosman Daily and Daily Telegraph

An article about my book that was published in the Mosman Daily and the online daily telegraph, and Sydney Today a Mandarin blog about whats happening in Sydney.

Photographer Kate Branch offers tips on how to look good in photos in her new book.

YOUR online dating photo was shot at a cousin’s wedding when you were lookin’ good but is it the real you? According to North Sydney photographer Kate Branch, it may not be the right image for social media. “There is no point in just posting an attractive photo with no insight into who your are,’’ she says Branch has written a book called How to Look Good In Photos in response to the huge demand for self images for social media. AFTER: Daena places her weight on her front foot and bends her back leg slightly. Photogenic success! BEFORE: A forward-facing stance is not engaging.

Selfies, professional networks and dating sites mean people need to say a lot in about themselves in one image. “I don’t necessarily agree with it, but social media has reduced e…