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How to look good in photos

Need to renovate your online dating profile. I just gave professional photographic advise to Australia's biggest online dating agency. Check out my photographic tips and tricks to look better in photos

Tips for taking a good profile picture

You're online, looking for romance. You want to make a good impression and stand out from the crowd. Your profile pics are an essential part of this process. You don't want to miss out on meeting someone great simply because your photos aren't up to scratch...

Remember, you are going to be your own worst critic; no one will ever scrutinize your photo as much as you will. But you can control the direction of how you appear in your profile. As a veteran photographer, here are some easy tips so you can nail that profile pic and watch the Kisses come flooding in!

Face It:

Your main profile photo needs to show your face in the best light! If you have baby blues that would make Sinatra reach for contacts, then use your best assets and stare directly into the camera. If you have a smile that can shine through an eclipse, then grin your way through the photo.

Body Form:

Positioning is important so you become more at ease with your body. Have you noticed that when models are showcasing a car, their hands point around the car so your eyes divert to the vehicle. This is called a 'frame it pose.' Put your hand on your hip, in your pockets, run your hand through your hair or have it resting on your neck - your limbs are now props. It's also important you angle your body so only your face is direct towards the camera. This is called 'slim and streamlined' where you place the weight on the front foot while slightly arching your back. These tips apply to guys also, so don't square on towards the camera, or your shoulders will look bulky.

Surround Yourself:

It's critical that your photo is in a setting that shows your true passions and hobbies. If you like the countryside, make sure your setting is in a park. For extreme sports lovers, this is the time to have an action shot. Install a self timer on your smartphone and capture more of yourself in your ideal setting and the final photo will speak volumes about your personality.

Avoid It:

Never have your arms crossed over your stomach or at your sides as it'll make you appear unconfident. Ensure your fists are never clenched as this gives the impression that you're anxious or angry. Your primary photos should not be a selfie, so quit the selfie snaps and focus on the bigger picture.

Now you have a great profile photo, you're on your way to finding your true RSVP.

About Kate Branch: Kate Branch, a Sydney local and author of How To Look Good In Photos, has a Major in Photography, a successful photography business, and Masters in Art Therapy. Kate's book provides logical tips for accentuating facial expressions, posture, how to position hands and body angles so the photos are a gem, first time around. Ironically, the book has very little to do with photography, yet more about the person(s) in front of the camera to build confidence and self esteem in a world where selfies and social postings of photos are now the norm.