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Official book review for How to look good in photos

How to look good in photos by Kate Branch

Thank you to Erasmus and for a wonderful official book review of my book "How to look good in photos." 

You can check it out here or read below: 

I think the title of the book speaks for itself. 

How to Look Good In Photos by Kate Branch gives the reader tips on how to pose for a camera in any occasion - for casual, formal, kiddies (with the attention span of ten minutes), and group photos - to get the result you want. Branch teaches us how to pose for a camera, and what to do with our limbs without flailing like a fish out of water. It also lists various programmes available to touch-up the photographs taken without going overboard, especially with Adobe Photoshop. In addition to all of that, Branch also points out to the reader the quirks that we may not realise we have developed in front of a camera, and how to change it. It’s simple, really!

This is the first time I’m reviewing a non-fiction book. The reason why I read this book at all is that I am camera-shy due to all the insecurities I feel whenever I do (or do not) pose for a photograph, and thought How to Look Good in Photos might give some good advice. 

I was not disappointed.

How to Look Good in Photos adapts a light-hearted tone, with simple words and instructions (contrary to other self-help or how-to books I’ve read). This, I feel, is a very important point, because the lack of big words brings very clearly the point of the book across to the reader. It is, when compared to other non-fiction books I’ve read, relatively short in length, although I do not think that it is a shortfall. Its conciseness is what made me finish the book with relish - I feel like I learned a lot in a short time (it doesn’t take all that long to finish this book!). 

Of course, the pictures that come along with the descriptions helps the reader to better comprehend the tips. Her compare and contrast photos also prove that her advice does work. Like magic. 

In fact, while my camera-shyness doesn’t miraculously disappear, and I don’t suddenly become photogenic in the span of the book, it does motivate me to make myself feel more confident in front of a camera. And this, more than the tips and advice in Branch’s book, makes me love How to Look Good In Photos. 

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. But, since I’m no photographer or an expert in photography, my opinion on this book probably shouldn’t be trusted… I highly recommend it to anyone, even if it's just to pass the time, or to to laugh about some of the things we do in front of a camera that we never realise we did (and I mean this in the best way).