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Destination I do

Getting married. I just gave tips and tricks to "Destination I do" for brides to look their best. Check out the article below or click here

How to Look Good in PhotosWords by Kate Branch
Photos courtesy of Kate Branch Photography

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When I was a child, I would walk past my grandmother’s dressing table and gaze at her wedding photos in awe. She just looked stunning and elegant on her wedding day. As my career as a photographer flourished, I realized that these shots weren’t just about capturing an ecstatic and memorable day, it was based on how my grandmother posed, with confidence.

Everyone deserves to look amazing on this special occasion, that’s a given. For the rest of your life you will look through your wedding album and see you and your partner posing together as a couple, with family and a large group. The best pieces of advice I can give you are based on years of experience and coaching …

Thank you LA daily

I am very proud to announce that the LA daily interviewed me about my photography. I am super proud of this undeniable career highlight.  Check it out here or below. 

Kate Branch, photographer and author of “How to Look Good in Photos: His and Hers Tips and Tricks,” said her wish is for everyone to have at least one good picture of himself. Here is her professional advice for selfies: • Practice: It may not make things perfect, but it does make selfies better. Branch advises people to practice taking selfies and photos with friends in different poses. Professional models know their best sides.  • Lighting: Don’t worry so much about the backdrop and instead concentrate on the light source in order to eliminate shadows. • Angles: The location of the camera matters. Selfies often can be taken at the wrong angle and capture double chins and nostrils. Face the camera at an angle so the chin looks its leanest.  • Capture the true you: If you love hats, then wear them in the photos. The more relax…