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Selfie Esteem

I just recently gave tips to Enjoy reading my tips here, or check out the post below:
Selfie EsteemHoliday season is the time of the year when selfies and group celebration photos hit an all time high. Whether it’s the office party, a friends get-together or a family knees up, everyone wants to capture the cutest, most festive and hysterical pics, to post on every social media site. In a month where everyone needs to look their best, this can also be a worry for some who don’t like their appearance and avoid the camera. This slippery slope of hiding in the sidelines can also accelerate towards a confidence drop and end up being an unhappiest 31 days. I’ve created some tips and tricks for you to quickly master so you are the king or queen of the party ball and will love being in every photo. It’ll boost your selfie esteem, well being and give you an extra positive photo nud…