Saturday, July 19, 2014

Exchanging art ideas

I enjoy using different apps to make different images.
Recently I have downloaded Camera 360, snapseed, Andy Warhol effect, Insta mirror and tried the latest camera function on my Samsung Galaxy.

I am enjoying this process of having some fun with different apps I download and try out. 

I had posted this first photo that I created with my Samsung Galaxy and edited in snapseed.  Photographer Yang Dong Heng 杨冬珩  got inspired and downloaded snapseed and created the second image. 

It is a great image that Yang Dong Heng has created. Full of emotion and a I really like to texture. Also isn't it great that a photographer based in Australia can download an app, create an image and share it on the Chinese social media, Weibo- to only have a photographer in China get inspired and create their own image and share it back is pretty cool.

Kate X