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Billabong retreat, Sydney

I was very lucky to escape to Billabong Retreat. Overlooking a billabong, this all-inclusive wellness eco-resort is 5.4 km from Sheyville and 8 km from Scheyville National Park.

What I liked most was meeting great likeminded people. First off if you are heading to a yoga retreat chances are you already into being a pleasant person. So unlike a Sydney dinner party it does not take to long to get past the "what do you do" conversations and into real enjoyable funny conversations.

Then there is the daily yoga...........Ah yes I forgot I had those muscles. Its great to remind oneself! And the food. Beautiful healthy food. And good food is always the starter to great conversation. The best bit- no flights. Just a 45 minute Train journey away. So no flights to drain away the yoga love.


Love Kate X

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