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Chocumin - The Superfood of your Dreams

alt="kate branch co founder of chocumin"

My new project is to kickstart Chocumin and I am LOVING my work.

What is Chocumin?

Chocumin is superfood the food of your dreams. Or at least we hope so. Its Swiss
style, milk, dark or white chocolate with 30% pure refined Curcumin from Turmeric
which is the active ingredient. Each piece of delicious Chocumin contains the same
amount of Curcumin as eating Sixty, 500mg capsules of turmeric. (30 grams, 1.05 oz)
Not only is Chocumin good for you, it’s tasty. Eaten alone or with a warm beverage it’s
the perfect healthy way to enjoy eating chocolate and obtaining 1mg of Curcumin in
your diet.

Why is this important?
Multiple medical studies have shown that Curcumin refined from Turmeric has
impressive and inflammatory properties. The problem is that most studies have been
based on large amounts of Turmeric and we’ve shown that simply eating this amount
of Turmeric is almost impossible in a normal diet. We have made this challenge a
breeze by combining our love of chocolate and our love of healthy living.
Not only is our product good for you. We are absolutely Farm to Table. We grow the
Turmeric, Refine the Curcumin, make the Chocumin and send it to you. There is no
middleman. Also in buying our product you will be directly supporting female farmers
in Vietnam.