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Positive Social Media Management

You press send………….and your image goes out into the world.

Usually, it's accompanied by some text to help frame and tell the story. The image is the most important thing. The text just helps frame it.

The democratization of creating imagery has opened up a new world. I was a photographer for 15 years creating images with $10,000 cameras. Now I can create a shareable image with my iPhone.

But the democratization of sharing stories is still in its infancy. Anyone can share an image but only a creative can share a story.

And stories are what make us. I am a social media manager that tries my best to represent real stories, real communities, and real people. Why?

I am highly aware of the power images have over people. I know social media can either connect or isolate. And most importantly I'm aware that my children are going into a digital age of that we've never seen before.

I believe that every social media manager should ask themselves one question before sharing images. They should ask themselves what is the intention of sharing this image?

Is it the intention to bring people together? Is it the intention to make your community and followers feel like they belong?

Or is the intention of this share to isolate people. To make them feel they need to buy a product, undertake a diet or take some action (that, of course, you can provide) to make themselves a better person?

I represent retail products, hospitality services, and local community figures. There is no reason for anybody to make people feel isolated. Products can still bring people together, and brands can ALWAYS be empowering and inspiring.

I stand for “Positive Social Media Management” and not just for myself, but for the next Generation as we navigate one of the most powerful tools storytelling has ever seen.

Social media.