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Good morning Sydney

What a way to start the day...

Why I am a photographer

No matter what your life experience, photographs are all that are left. Accolades, youth, travel, the beauty of your baby – it all slips through what we call time. And I’ve learned that as you get older your memory starts to become a little unreliable. But a photograph can remind you, add a smile to your face, and take you back to that moment – even if just for a second. That is why I am a photographer.


This article appeared in Female First magazine in the UK:  HOW TO LOOK GOOD IN PHOTO'S by Lucy Moore When I tell people about my book, How to Look Good in Photos, the first reaction I hear is “I really want to know how to look good in photos, I’m going to read your book!” This is really exciting as it almost feels like I had to write my book to help body and face conscious people. Until now, people just assumed that posing was purely for celebrities and the rest of us just had to grin and bear it. But in a world where social media demands photos, taking a great selfie is as important to self-esteem and first impressions in a job interview. What is your top tip for looking your best in photos? I would have to go with my slim and streamlined pose. This is because most people don’t like their arms in a photo as they feel nervous so slap them at the sides of the body and this makes arms look twice the width. Also I’m a big believer in being proud of the body we have, whether you’re ta…

Positive Social Media Management

You press send………….and your image goes out into the world.

Usually, it's accompanied by some text to help frame and tell the story. The image is the most important thing. The text just helps frame it.

The democratization of creating imagery has opened up a new world. I was a photographer for 15 years creating images with $10,000 cameras. Now I can create a shareable image with my iPhone.

But the democratization of sharing stories is still in its infancy. Anyone can share an image but only a creative can share a story.

And stories are what make us. I am a social media manager that tries my best to represent real stories, real communities, and real people. Why?

I am highly aware of the power images have over people. I know social media can either connect or isolate. And most importantly I'm aware that my children are going into a digital age of that we've never seen before.

I believe that every social media manager should ask themselves one question before sharing images. They…

How to look good in phtotos

Have you ever wondered why celebrities look so good in photos? From smart phones, to professional camera's- there is always someone taking your picture. From the dating game, to the boardroom, and even your holidays. Images are captured and my book helps to make you look your best!

International traveller photo competition

International Traveller magazine and Travel Associates are running a photography competition ‘Opening doors to amazing travel experiences’. To enter we have to provide our best professional-standard travel photos following the theme of ‘Doorways’.

I entered this image from Singapore. Singapore always delights and surprises me. Luckily when staying at the Shangri-la was reading International traveler just before heading out to explore. Page 49 of Issue 33 suggested visiting Katong. I love when you find a place you never knew existed in a town you visit so often. It was such a fun day and I am so glad I captured this amazing house.

To all the traveling photography community- you have to enter this competition. Just for fun:

Wish me luck, and best of luck for you too!

Kate Xx
Time is precious. How many weekends away have seen you hang out at the airport or in a rental car longer than your time at the hotel pool or buffet? I want to discuss the very important recharging #staycation. If you are seeking to go away for the weekend, you need to hone in on your destination and your desires. Do you want a cultural jolt of theatre or art? Or, do you want to rest and relax as soon as possible? If you find a hotel for your weekend getaway or #staycation, make sure it has a good reputation on Trip advisor, or Google. There was a new hotel in Sydney getting great reviews called “Spicers” in Potts Point. So with my mum and dad babysitting the two little ones, we headed off for our first night away from the kids since our gorgeous two-year-old son was born.

Arriving at “Spicers” you are greeted with a beautifully restored large Victorian building. Every finish has been thought through, and the style combines old heritage charm with modern sleek style. As you walk down the c…