Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I am loving Snapseed

I am loving the photo app Snapseed It is a very sophisticated photo app that allows you to edit in a refined and subtle way. As the editing is made to specific areas you highlight with your finger- you can saturate one area, while creating shadows in another. 

This week there was an article written at about Apple dropping their Aperture program. I was a big fan of Aperture. However the article quoted Texas photographer Will Porter: 

“At one time, Aperture was the top dog in the world of raw workflow apps. I had some hope that they’d roll it off into a wholly owned subsidiary like FileMaker Pro, with the idea that the new independent company would release a Windows version of Aperture. Instead, it seems that Apple has decided that the future of photography lies in the iPhone.”

I agree with Will Porter. Apple and many other Brands have decided that the future is in the smart phone. The article is very relevant. I was one of the last classes at university to be trained in film and digita. I thought I was witnessing a photographic revolution. However l and I have seen it quickly enter into a new phase. Yes digital is still the way, but I am very excited to see how smart phone photography shapes the images of tomorrow. 

So here are my before and after images. The photo was origionally taken on my Samsung Galaxy and edited in Snapseed.  

Have a great day 

Kate X